One of the main reasons to delete your social media accounts is that there isn’t a real choice to move to different social media accounts. Quitting entirely is the only option for change. If you don’t quit, you are not creating the space in which Silicon Valley can act to improve itself. - Jaron Lanier

I still remember in the summer of 2018 when I learned with shock how GitHub had been "acquired" by Microsoft for $ 7.5bn USD all in stock , I always saw GitHub as something cute that brought programmers together. We hosted all our school projects there, for lack of an in-house alternative. I blame lazy IT staff at my institution as well as a "GitHub is already there" mentality.

To be fair, they kept it free. But I always found it annoying how they made a newsfeed that you could not switch off. How it is increasingly gameified with "stats" and user activity heat maps. You want to be deep forest green if not you are a loser. More and more I suspected there was a data-mining operation going on, specially since Microsoft had already acquired LinkedIn in 2016.

Richard Stallman was right that free as in beer is not enough. You want libre as in liberty and you want freedom. I am computer programmer for Pete's sake, why can't I just code a simple static website with my bio, and some static pages with a layout that is uniquely mine, all hosted by myself with an IP address that has not changed in over a year ?

So at 2am today I went ahead downloaded a copy of my data from those websites, downloaded Apache, and switched over to my own server. As long as one reads the documentation, everything should be fine. That was the promise of the original internet by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, freedom, everyone having their own website. Now kids think Google the search engine is the internet. They never type an URL.

Kind of reminds me of the excerpt in my copy of the book Civilization and Capitalism 15th-18th century (Fernand Braudel), Vol. 1 the Structures of Everyday Life. It is an explanation of why some cultures did not succeed in building a colonial empire. The Portuguese were pretty much the first, at the edge of the European continent.

Monopolists have always existed. They pretend to have a "moat". There is no moat. They do not have superior inherent knowledge. They simply hire anyone they can, crush competition and stifle markets. That is until someone else makes a breakthrough.

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