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The Virus

December 31, 2020

At the beginning of 2020 there was a mysterious computer virus in China, the Chinese government had ordered for the Internet in China to be shutdown. Chinese people were unplugged from the Internet. It was a bit crazy but it was in China, so we did not care too much here in North America, except we were told not to use any Chinese apps or websites unless we wanted to introduce the virus in our electronic devices...

The world computer security authorities, like Symantec, McAffee, Cisco and RSA Security all warned us to be careful of where we clicked lest we introduce the Chinese Internet Virus 2019 into our systems. Huawei, Apple and Google, Microsoft, the makers of the world's operating systems all told us of an antivirus installation being made available possibly within 12 months, with a massive installation campaign.

With the first incidents of the Chinese Internet Virus in North America we were all told by our bosses and supervisors to shut off our computers and disconnect them from Wifi. We all complied and we thought that since we were not infected, I mean how could we have been exposed to a Chinese Virus since nobody we knew was Chinese or connected to Chinese apps/websites; that the computer experts would just find the devices infected, clean them, and we would be able to quickly connect to the Internet again.

Now not all computers in North America were shut off, we were told some computer systems were essential and thus they were allowed to be connected to the Internet. So everyone turned on their television and watched our government leaders warn us of the Chinese Internet Virus 2019 and just how treacherous it was. Bill Gates from Microsoft Corporation, who had nothing to do with computer viruses, was being interviewed and he was advocating for a mandatory worldwide installation campaign of free Microsoft Antivirus, regardless of whether you used a Microsoft operating system or not !

Some enterprising individuals started selling patched versions of wireless routers with a built-in firewall that supposedly caught infected packets. But their own computers could have already been infected so experts were skeptical about all that. But our government leaders saw it with good eye, it is good for morale and the economy is in the crapper so yes why not have people buy little toy routers, what could the harm be ?

Meanwhile we were allowed to connect our computers but not to the Internet, we could only use computers for Work, that is connected to corporate Virtual Private Networks for business use. Personal use or enjoyment was severely curtailed, two people could interact but only if they connected to a public chatroom. No one-on-one private communications were allowed.

The government set up Chinese Internet Virus 2019 testing centres in which people brought their devices for diagnostics. But they had to consent for the goverment agents to record a ghost image of the entire contents of their hard drives. It was the only way to be sure whether someone had the Chinese Internet Virus 2019 or not !

Conspiracy theorists did not believe that the Chinese Internet Virus 2019 was that grave of a threat and used the Internet for Fun. The government had to react, or if not all of its response would be jeopardized! Fear of the Chinese Internet Virus 2019 was not enough, we had to have CAD$1000 fines if people connected to the Internet for Fun or without the made in Québec toy routers !

Now most people followed government guidance, even if their own computer never crashed if infected, they did not want to be "the ones responsible" for infecting their own bank and then everyone would lose access to their accounts!

Two weeks ago the government started installing Microsoft Antivirus for the Chinese Internet Virus 2019 but at the current pace it would take over 16 and a half years for everyone to have it installed.


28 December 2020

I do not claim that it is a cure or a treatment for COVID-19, I do not know, but one thing that I know is that it is one World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, and is no longer protected by a patent.

Another thing I know is that back in late March when it began to be touted as possible treatment, older people with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Montréal found to their unpleasant surprise that they were to be deprived of it because our government wanted to hoard it to save it for critically-ill COVID-19 patients.

In time Dr. Didier Raoult from Marseille came to be (unjustly) discredited and his unexpensive treatment as well. I only wish to give an alternative explanation. I will not try to defend him though I do find his stance "of interest".

The alternative proprietary treatment that is stealing all of the limelight is Remdesivir which is created by Gilead . It also has nasty side-effects, but it is still protected by patent and treatment is at US$2340 for a 5-day treatment. For hydroxychloroquine a 30-day treatment is US$25, so remdesivir is 561 times more expensive !

Also the WHO, had trials done by doctors called the SOLIDARITY trials for candidate treatments of COVID-19 and their conclusions show that NONE of the treatments tested showed any impact, that includes remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine.

In their words

Nevertheless the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) went ahead and two weeks later approved remdesivir with an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which screams of a political decision, not one based on science.

Just after Christmas the second largest HCQ factory in the world was burned to the ground in a spectacular deflagration.

There are no non-essential businesses.

28 December 2020

We saw it in March 2020, everything was closed except "food and pharmacies", "essential" businesses were the only ones allowed to open. In countries in which alcohol is legal and sold by private companies, liquour stores were forbidden from operating because of "the pandemic".

But in Canada alcohol is sold in provincial-government-owned stores, and thus it was deemed "essential" for them to remain open. Ditto for marihuana dispensaries as they are also owned by the state !

As the lockdown dragged for weeks and weeks, almost three months until mid-June, there were a number of unfair situations that were called out by merchants, such as the guy who owned a sporting goods store that was shut down and forbidden from reopening, but he saw that Costco, Walmart and Canadian Tire never stopped selling bicycles and sporting equipment!

The Great Reset

29 December 2020 All this has accelerated trends that we had seen coming for years, an increased place of technology, social networks. Big box stores We cant help but to ask ourselves who is this benefitting and are they just profiteering or have they played an active role in this mess we're in ? We are in this for the long haul with no end in sight

How did the lockdown start

28 December 2020

In the beginning we were all scared. Shit-scared.

We all did our part and we closed voluntarily, we saw with shock and awe how big mighty businesses shuttered on their own accord. One by one, Google, Twitter, Amazon (software devs only, not "lowly" warehouse workers!), Facebook cancelled their nerdfest Microsoft everything big on the West Coast was closed and working from home, as well as JPMorgan in New York City. Then came the physical stores, Starbucks scrapped their eco-friendly reusable cup policy in favour "hygienic" (but formerly polluting) single-use disposable paper and plastic cups...

I had followed the news on the pandemic very closely but even I was taken by surprise how people, the people surrounding me were panicking. On Thursday March 12 a colleague returned from the Caribbean and this colleague had been away for almost 3 weeks, this colleague looked like they had a "strong cold"; back then the Coronavirus was not yet in the Caribbean, it was in China, Iran, and Italy, but not yet in the Caribbean... Anyways the news spread like brush fire. That day I arrived late to the office at around 10am, he came to the office because he wanted to pick up his computer and then work from home.

I spoke to him privately, one of the things that I gleaned is when they took the airplane to leave Canada, people were coughing sneezing and sniffling at the Montréal airport, his wife was quite concerned but they left, since they had already made plans.

Now I was not afraid, I mean like this guy walked to the office, he was not about to die, not short of breath, I was thinking if this is indeed the Coronavirus, then I'd rather get it from him and be done with it !

By 11am our supervisor called us to an impromptu meeting, he reminded us of the impending pandemic and how we could work from home if we wanted. He left that morning to finish his day from home.

By next day we were less than 10 colleagues out of around 30 total. It was a Friday but the day before our provincial premier had given a doom and gloom speech, the first of many daily news-conferences dealing with "the pandemic". I had lunch with 5 colleagues in what was a deserted restaurant on that Friday, yes lots of people were already working from home. When we came back a message was in our inbox, our CEO saying we had to work from home, I went to see a VP, I asked him if it was "mandatory" as I did not feel like working from home. I quite enjoyed the life I was living. I did not want to be confined at least I was not going to do it voluntarily.

Follow up email within 20 minutes from the boss of bosses, yes it is mandatory. Pack your stuff we will be away for what we all thought was equivalent to a full "Coronavirus incubation period" of 2 weeks. One of my colleagues took 2 weeks vacations starting the next Monday 16 March. I remember I took my work Mac Mini, I was so glad I had not chosen a big tower PC as a work computer and filled up my backpack with other stuff like the keyboard, mouse and other stuff I thought would be more useful at home than just to abandon in the office, like my paçoquinha Brazilian treats!

That evening I went to an LGBTQ gala with a lady friend and a friend of mine who had procured me the tickets was absent because she was worried of the pandemic. People did not mingle as much and we had received an email earlier that week from the organizers that given the circumstances people might choose no to show up. We left the gala early and went to a pub in the Village, we stayed until 11pm and we were the only patrons at that bar, the streets were empty. Little did I know that was the last time I would go to a bar in Canada.

In the week of the 16 March I found out my driving school, yes I do not hold a driving licence and I'm pushing 37, was closed because of the "Coronavirus pandemic", and one by one big businesses like Starbucks, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Simons in Canada, shopping mall operators in the US

The make-pretend cloth mask

28 December 2020

The mask was finally imposed in Québec on Saturday July 18.

But it was already mandatory in a bunch of stores like COSTCO since the beginning of May. I did go out and shopped for stuff in mid and late March. It was only by mid-April that I stopped, as I found the measures imposed to be too annoying and stupid. Travel had been grounded for over a month and yet security guards asked you for temperature and whether you had travelled ! On some pharmacies specially downtown they had cordonned off the cosmetics section. "Non-essential" or so they said. Poor girls at the cosmetics they probably lost their job already. Cosmetics were a big thing in pharmacies in the pre-COVID era,

I remember that the news articles were focusing on mask wearing by people in Asian countries, I remember when I was at a pharmacy in late February I tried to buy isopropyl alcohol because I was running low and I used it to clean Lego pieces that had glue residue from their stickers, I had spoken to the pharmacist and he had told me he had been wiped clean of all PPE / disinfectants. It would not be months until I found out through Global News of a concerted campaign on behalf of China that Chinese expats procured PPE from all around the world and sent it to China ! To be fair most of those things were originally manufactured in that country. But they became very scarce because of their actions. I had bought a pair of N95s in 2017 for CAD$3.25 from Dollarama and now they were being scalped at CAD$9 each wholesale. Some dude scammed our provincial goverment for a CAD$45 million order with 5 million masks that never existed ! Now going back to mask-wearing Asians, if we dig deeper we can see that they had been wearing them for years, not because of the SARS 2003 pandemic scare, but because of heavy levels of smog and air pollutants in their cities !!! It is on a news article from CBC from 2018 ! I am putting here a screenshot of the original article form January 2017, As people were huddling in their homes and tuning in to what our provincial mandarins had to say they reiterated masks were not needed, it would give people a false sense of security, they would touch their face anyways. They were right that all scientific research up to that point in time confirmed that they only helped a bit in a healthcare setting with certain protocols, it is the electrostatic charge of a dry, brand-new N95 that helps it filter more than the porousness of it fibres normally allows. And the charge wears off and the water vapour of the wearer's breath necessitates several changes of mask in a work-shift. By mid-April unemployed people with lots of time in their hands were jealous of the people who could procure real N95 masks and we were told to reserve them for frontline healthcare workers Le masque est inutile

"The 25% rule"

26 December 2020

I am philosophically opposed to governance by decree, but what drives me up the wall is governance by press conference, Youtube Live and Facebook Live. Now we all know that the PM has the power to put out decrees and they do have "force of law", but if he doesn't actually go into council and put out a decree, well his words are just words. They can't be enforced.

So our provincial premier François Legault has made a number of declarations that are not actually law in the legal sense, but since he is directing his government to spend to the tune of CAD$ 13m a month on advertising propaganda, everyone gets the message and they believe "it is what should be done because of all the ads and warnings everywhere".

Every week on Wednesday and quite often on Thursday the government puts out the Official Gazette of the Province of Quebec. Usually filled with boring details about some person elevated to a cushy job at the cusp of the provincial pyramid of public service, or some boring contract given to some "correct" company with ties to the Quebec Inc. provincial establishment... you get the point, they are all searchable by date in this page, in the second section..., then you have to click on the year, then choose from a backwards

Luckily for us the government in its blessed transparency! has grouped them into a neat page where we only see the "coronavirus decrees"

Decree 222 which forbade all gatherings except for work purposes or when providing a service or support. or notably when you were in a vehicle, that is you could still take a taxi, but you could not gather with a friend !

Decree 223 that started the crazyness of essential businesses on 24 March a full week after we had put ourselves in voluntary lockdown (mandated by CEOs).

Decree 500 which made the return to normal possible for businesses with an "external door" not in shopping malls !!!

Decree 689 which maintained the 2m distance at all times with several exceptions notably when they were gathered around a table in a restaurant or a bar !

For example we have decree 810 which made masks mandatory in all "indoor public spaces"

The problem with all those decrees is that they are basically unenforceable take for example Decree 222, they never bothered to define what was a "gathering" or assembly as in the English version of the decree. Two people cannot make an "assembly" but we do not know for certain what constitutes an assembly: dictionaries fail us with their circular definitions . We have always understood it implicitly to be a group of people large enough that you had to count them one-by-one or by clusters, large enough that you could not determine the exact size at a glance.

Predictably cops targeted minorities and sex-workers. It encouraged arbitrariness.

A number of such measures that have never had their decree are:

  1. 2m distancing. Many decrees mention the inability to perform "social distancing" as justification for X but the mandatory 2 meter minimal distancing is in itself something that has never been put in writing. Except possibly in Decree 222, but read it again.
  2. Reunions on private property, really ? You own a house and you invite friends over, and it is "illegal" ? What country are we talking about ? I am aware of the ads but it has never been
  3. Face masks on private vehicles (applies to ride-sharing apps). I get their logic but it is flawed , we saw it with masks in stores, Covid-safe and excessive measures end up scaring customers away not reassuring them.
  4. Limit on the maximum number of office workers. Now Jean Boulet the provincial minister of labour announced on 15 July that he would direct employees of the public sector for a return to the office of 25% of the workforce, that it is not a target or that it is mandatory but an upper limit that might be revised. He never revised it, he never put it into writing and it definitely only applied to his subordinates, that is private sector companies are not bound by such a verbal "declaration".
  5. Installing the COVID app.

Now I have no problem with them applying measures at the outset of the pandemic, but it has been 9 months, and I do see a problem with the existence of these decrees. COVID-19 is a very peculiar "pandemic" not everyone has symptoms and even those with "symptoms" usually don't have serious symptoms like in the zombie movies. Nobody is dropping dead or spitting blood or their skin with nasty boils... It does look like a cold or a flu or in the worst case like a pneumonia.

And that is precisely the problem with this "pandemic" that the government should not need to enforce rules, the rules should make perfect sense and people are shit-scared of the pathogen, not of getting fined or arrested !

The government's response has lost me when they started with CAD$1000 fines for gatherings at homes or at less than 2m. Seriously what the fuck, for someone driving an automobile not letting a pedestrian pass at a crossing (that is if a cop sees them in flagranti), the fine is CAD$100, for opening your door without looking (you can actually kill a cyclist with this one), the fine is CAD$30.

Clearly they're not trying to save lives here, they're giving themselves political capital on the COVID-19 situation.

The new variant of SARS-CoV2

28 December 2020

And all the while a new variant, more virulent (as in more easily transmissible) has been detected, and it cannot come at a worse possible time for the UK as they are within days of the December 31, 2020 Brexit deadline with their talks

So the UK is increasingly isolated, cut off from the world, but the WHO says "no need to panic" and the European Medicines Agency L’Agence européenne des médicaments, (AEM), qui a donné lundi son feu vert au vaccin Pfizer-BioNTech, s’est dite « pas trop inquiète ». Selon elle, il n’existe pour l’instant « aucune preuve » permettant de dire que le traitement ne protégerait pas contre le virus mutant, qui fait craindre une recrudescence des cas de COVID-19. But they were trapped in their reasoning, that is, they had approved the vaccine just the day prior so they would lose face if they admitted that it makes no sense that the new variant of the virus would be successfully targeted by a vaccine made from samples taken all the way back since January 2020...

The COVID-19 Vaccine

27 December 2020

We have a lot of enthusiasm riding on the vaccine, but when one peels the layers, one realizes that this is far from over, the vaccine

  1. It is not one single vaccine but one of several from a dozen or so manufacturers worldwide, a single rich country like Canada could have access to 4-5 brands, but we can't really compare them as they have different techs/ target different aspects, also the contracts are confidential and I would not be surprised at all if government scientists were impeded contractually from comparing them as a normal scientist would!
  2. they are not true vaccines in the sense that they do not confer immunity, they are a form of experimental genetic therapy (never before at this scale!), that tries to "teach the body" to fight COVID-19

A colleague from work shared this very interesting article that is about the Pfizer-BioNTech Tozinameran COVID-19 gene treatment, I read it, it has a little crash course/refresher comparing genetics to computer programming. It tries to render the idea abstract idea that RNA is just code and we shouldn't be afraid of it.

It fails to mention how the actual vaccine is actually delivered, in a solid lipid nanoparticle, or a liposome for Drug delivery. Just look at what it resembles and you will see the irony...


Why COVID-Alert cannot be forced

November 28, 2020

On the media we keep hearing about citizens and pundits clamoring for mandating the installation of Shopify's COVID-Alert app, an iOS and Android application which has already endorsed by the government of Canada.

In a Canadian Supreme Court decision R v Fearon, 2014 SCC 77 it has been established under what circumstances police may search a cellphone. It has to be with a warrant and several criteria have to be met, we have to retain the following paragraph from their decision in order to shine a light.

The requirement that the search of the cell phone be truly incidental to the arrest should be strictly applied to permit searches that are required to be done promptly upon arrest in order to effectively serve the purposes of officer and public safety, loss or destruction of evidence, or discovery of evidence. Three modifications to the general rules would give effect to this approach.

Anyways it is true that police can seize a cellphone following an arrest but they do not have an automatic right to perform a search. Also it is unimaginable under our legal framework that police could force an ordinary citizen on the street to prove that they have installed a certain application that is mandated by provincial/ federal decree under our various Health Acts.

To grant such powers is a very steep slippery slope.

I do wonder given the current histeria if our brilliant scientists prove that indeed COVID is spread by emanations from the anus of infected humans. Will pundits demand that everyone puts a medically-approved COVID butt-plug in order to stop contagion ? How would this be enforced ? Everyone would have to show their COVID butt-plug to prove compliance ?

Elon Musk's Coronavirus Test Results.

24 November 2020

Last week Elon Musk sent out a tweet, he had received in rapid succession four results and they came out positive, negative, negative, positive. He did have symptoms of a "flu-like illness", so he did not want to take any chances. He was being sarcastic about how rapid tests are so flaky, he used the word "bogus" and a media firestorm erupted. He was mocked by most media outlets, even called a "Space Karen" by a "serious" female scientist.

And yet no one came out to defend him

A woman who holds a PhD made a sexist comment on Twitter and it was celebrated. Mmm... really ?

It turns out that yes the rapid tests are bogus and "you can only rely on them if the person really has the virus and the test comes out positive" wait what ? The official response is if you have been "exposed" take the test, if you are anywhere someone who is "vulnerable", you take the test...

Pourquoi l'application COVID-Alert n'est pas un succès.

23 Novembre 2020

Ma réponse aux articles que je vois défiler qui donnent des louanges à l'application de COVID-Alert de Shopify, je vois des élus et des citoyens et qui proposent une obligation de l'installer ! 🤯

J'avais suivi de près mais d'une manière passive et peripherique le débat des masques ou «couvre-visages» et ils feront l'objet d'une analyse ici sous peu. Alors je vois un certain parallèle...

L'application de traçage "du fédéral" comme on la connait au Québec, n’a pas été adoptée par tous avec enthousiasme ni elle a pu être imposée par nos gouvernements, car nos programmeurs et chercheurs se sont chicanés, on n’a jamais créé une vraie alliance pour concevoir une application «canadienne».

Des répresentants de Shopify et de BlackBerry, sûrement des lobbyistes très talenteux, toutes les deux basées à Ottawa, ont fait un accord derrière des portes closes avec le gouvernement fédéral , et ici à Montréal ce fut la guerre. Je ne serais pas surprise qu’à Toronto leurs universités et startups aussi se sont indignées.

Bon, c’est ça le problème comme on dit en espagnol aux eaux tourbes du fleuve, c’est le gain des pêcheurs!

Les programmeurs citoyens et employés de diverses compagnies de technologie auraient dû mettre de côté leurs différences et écrire ensemble une application de traçage Open Source sur GitHub.

Des étudiants de cégep sont capables de faire ça en quelques jours. Je n'ai pas de screenshot a vous montrer mais quand on voit des screenshots de l'application finale, ça a l'air d'une simple maquette.

On n'écrit pas une application COVID parce qu’on se dit que si on n’a pas de mandat officiel et officieux personne va l’installer.

Ou personne va utiliser notre ventilateur COVID, car la même chose s’est produite pour les fameux ventilateurs: il y a eu des groupes universitaires qui ont rapidement proposé des prototypes, mais on a la réponse, ce n’est pas comme ça que ce monde fonctionne.

Bien sûr, on a donné le contrat des ventilateurs à CAE une grosse compagnie qui fait surtout des simulateurs de vol

Si l’application de traçage avait été ouverte, libre et gratuite, dans ce cas j’aurais été la première à l’installer. Autrement un code écrit par une grosse compagnie qui se trouve en conflit d’intérêt, qui utilise Bluetooth et nécessite une mise à jour du système d’exploitation du téléphone je me méfie énormément.

Déjà la pandémie a été la manne pour Shopify, car précisément leur produit phare est une plateforme de vente en ligne qui est imbriquée dans les sites des PMEs. Et tristement pour les commerces fermés pendant le confinement ce printemps et celui qui s’en vient cet hiver, ce fut et ce sera leur seul espoir, cette plateforme, de vendre un peu leurs produits.

D’ailleurs le Panier Bleu au Québec qui a été annoncé par notre PM François Legault le 5 avril et lancé finalement à la mi octobre, a été une réalisation de Lightspeed, une compagnie basée à Montréal concurrente à Shopify ! Et ce contrat a été accordé « gré à gré » alors ici au Québec on fait les choses pareil, d’autres se sont sentis lésés par ce contrat. Et encore, on aurait pu avoir la chance d’écrire en gang sur Github une plateforme open source de vente en ligne, pour donner de l’autonomie aux commerces d’ici.

Car le vrai problème c’est que toutes ces compagnies de plateforme comme Square, UberEats, Shopify, Lightspeed et d’autres elles prennent une grosse cut, de jusqu’à 30% dans le cas de Uber. 🧛‍♂️

Pourquoi l'application COVID-Alerte ne fonctionne pas.

22 Novembre 2020

J’ai étudié un baccalauréat en génie électrique avec une spécialisation dans l’instrumentation électronique, au Mexique à partir de 2002. Par la suite 12 ans après j’ai entamé un baccalauréat en génie logiciel à Concordia, et en troisième année on a essayé en équipe de faire une application de cartographie pour aider les nouveaux étudiants naviguer leur nouveau campus universitaire. Arek et moi (lui avait étudié un bacc en sciences avant…) on a pris le défi d'écrire un morceau de code pour faire l’interaction avec le module de Wifi du téléphone, soit l'antenne.

On voulait faire un sorte de “radar” pour repérer les bornes Wifi fixes, déjà installées partout dans les édifices du campus, à l'intérieur et à l'exterieur, dont on avait visuellement une idée de leur présence physique… Et ainsi avoir une idée précise de l’emplacement en temps réel de l’utilisateur à l’intérieur des édifices. Le Wifi et le Bluetooth ce sont des specifications faites toutes les deux à des fréquences de 2.4GHz et ont une bonne tendance de rebondir un peu des murs intérieurs et de pouvoir aussi passer à travers certains murs de plâtre.

Aussi l’antenne du récepteur sur le téléphone est une antenne omnidirectionnelle dont on pouvait obtenir (avec un certain délai, et certainement pas en continu) une lecture de la puissance du signal détecté. On avait misé sur cette lecture de puissance pour faire notre “radar" mais étant donnée qu’elle était omnidirectionnelle on ne savait jamais d’où est-ce qu’elle venait, et avec les rebondissements, les lectures étaient plutôt instables et ainsi totalement inutilisables… on ne pouvait pas demander au système de nous donner des lectures pas plus qu’à chaque 10 secondes. Mon experience me disait qu’il fallait être capables de prendre des multiples lectures par seconde et faire un traitement de signal (au minimum un filtre lowpass) pour éviter les lectures qui s’écartaient trop...

On est revenus à voir comment ce problème avait été résolu en 1940… pour détecter les avions des allemands...

La solution est une antenne qui se met à faire des rotations en continu. Alors c’est une antenna UNIDIRECTIONNELLE qui fait un balayage…

Bref, notre idée n’a pas marché et on s’est résigné à juste afficher une carte du campus sans pouvoir detecter la position de l’utilisateur. Même le fameux GPS ne fonctionnait pas à l’intérieur (évidemment) mais même sur le trottoir au centre-ville avec ses hauts édifices les signaux des trois satellites GPS, entravés et rebondissants étaient INUTILES pour déterminer une position fiable. Souvent notre GPS se trompait carrément d’ÉDIFICE.

Alors que Google et Apple ont fait un “partenariat” (du jamais vu!) pour le Contact Tracing de la COVID-19, s’il vous plait!

Aucun détail de la consommation de batterie, ils se centrent sur le protocole de communication, l’encryptage et les bienfaits que c’est anonyme ! Mais un détail fourni attire mon attention

The scanning strategy that works best is opportunistic (leveraging existing wakes and scan windows) and with minimum periodic sampling every 5 minutes.

La loi 101 ne s’applique pas en cas d'une urgence mondiale.

Leur taux d’échantillonnage est de 5 minutes, ça veut dire qu'il vérifie aux 5 minutes “si vous êtes en proximité de quelqu’un qui aurait l’application COVID”

Il est tellement inutile, car un “contact risqué” peut se faire en bien moins que 5 minutes.

Je t'invite à lire le concept de la fréquence de Nyquist, mais si tu me permets, je vais te l’expliquer,

C’est un peu comme avoir un gardien de sécurité qui regarde la télé à haut volume et qui aux 5 minutes ferme sa télé et lève les yeux pour regarder quelques secondes si la couronne royale sur un coussin dans la vitrine est toujours là !

Ensuite il se retourne vers son petit appareil télé et le rallume pendant 5 minutes !

Est-ce qu’il va rattraper un voleur qui prend moins de 1 minute à faire son cambriolage ? Nyquist nous dit que cela depend surtout de la durée de l’événement qu’on veut témoigner, si ce voleur prend plus que 2.5 minutes en moyenne, le taux de capture commence à monter considérablement ou autrement il faut monter la fréquence d’échantillonnage (faut que le garde regarde plus souvent!) si cela ne prend que quelques secondes pour que le voleur enlève la couronne…

Alors pourquoi on a choisi 5 minutes ?

Sans avoir vu leur code, et peu de gens ont vu ce code, je soupçonne que c’est parce que le fait de faire ces vérifications est très gourmande en batterie. Ils ne voudraient surtout pas que les utilisateurs se rendent compte que leur téléphone dont la batterie durait 10 heures auparavant, avant l’installation de l’application, dure maintenant 4 heures, la mauvaise publicité de l’application serait catastrophique.

Voilà la raison technique, c’est qu’il ne fonctionne pas: avec Bluetooth on n’a pas une idée precise de la proximité, on a juste une idée floue et sporadique d’une puissance de signal, pas de la distance ni de la direction. L’application COVID-Alert est un placebo. On pourrait également dire cela du masque, dans le fond.

Voici la raison éthique.

Ça prend un téléphone assez récent pour être capable d'installer l’application COVID Alerte et les gens qui n’ont pas de tels appareils, j’en connais quelques uns, d’un certain âge (mon cher mari et ainsi que Pierre, 78 ans, qui a été à notre mariage) qui n’ont pas de tels appareils. Dans son couple c’est juste son épouse qui aurait un iPhone 6S de 2015 et je ne suis pas certaine qu’aujourd'hui cet appareil a toutes les mises à jour qui lui permettraient d’installer cette application. L’imposer sans en fournir les appareils n’est pas acceptable.

La nécessite d’avoir un téléphone récent n’est pas pour des raisons techniques, mais commerciales, les fabricants d’appareils de ce monde - Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Google pour vendre des nouveaux appareils à des clients existants, car en 2020 tout le monde a déjà un téléphone “intelligent”, il faut créer le besoin de qu’ils mettent à niveau leurs appareils, que les consommateurs sentent que leurs appareils existants sont désuets et inadéquats, car les mises à jour de logiciel rendent inexorablement le matériel de plus en plus lent

Aussi pour l’application COVID Alert, Apple a modifié le système d’exploitation ce printemps pour habiliter les lectures de la puissance Bluetooth, Arek et moi savions en 2017 qu’Apple ne permettait pas la lecture de la puissance de ces signaux par leur API ! On avait alors juste essayé sur Android.

Ça prend la version 13.5 d’iOS qui est sortie ce printemps, qui est seulement compatible avec un iPhone 6S de 2015 ou ultérieur.

Ça ne prend pas un grand philosophe comme Voltaire pour prédire ce qui peut se passer quand on réussira à l'imposer, il suffit d’être attentifs à ce qui arrive ailleurs…

Il pourrait bien devenir un passeport imposé à l’intérieur du territoire canadien.